Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mount Chipotle 16 February 2010

The view of the backside (1) of Mt. Chipotle on 16 February 2010 as seen by the N.R.O. (2) staff.


  1. Hope the connection between the references is clear enough...

  2. Stop The Brutal Grooming!

    In an effort to make the resort more accessible for families, the owners of the Mt. Chipotle Ski Resort initiated nightly grooming of over 92% of the mountain. While grooming of some slopes is useful, the almost total grooming of the mountain has extreme sports fans up in arms and has lead to the creation of a bumper sticker decrying the grooming. Jim Barnes, speaking for the loosely organized "Stop The Brutal Grooming" group says “this is one more example of Disneyfing the resort. Next they will be putting in tube runs and banning snow boards.”