Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mt. Chipotle is scenic backdrop for new commercial

The northern face of Mt. Chioptle will be closed for the next two days while it is being used as a scenic backdrop with rugged terrain to film a commercial featuring Fjord's new model of pickup truck, the J-150. Film crews will be escorted to the site of the commercial by snowcats and a professional driver will navigate the J-150 through a course from the north face through Barbacoa Ravine, which tourists have claimed is one of the most scenic vistas in the region. Pictured here is the truck being transported up the mountain.


  1. All pictures on the Mount Chipotle website have been BLOCKED by UVA Health System's Websense "Content Blocker."

    WHAT ARE THEY TRYING TO HIDE????!!!?!?!?!?!111?!!?!///!?!?

  2. The UVa Health System is trying to censor the scientific results of the N.R.O. While this does not affect our ability to disseminate results to the scientific community, it cripples our ability to communicate with the general public. This is one of the greatest challenges to our educational outreach program.

  3. In related news, VA fifth district freshman Congressman Tom Perrellio today announced that Mt Chipotle will receive the largest funding of any Obama stimulus project in Virginia to date. The project named “The Freedom Skis and Mountain Protection Project” includes funding for a number of previously proposed, but unfunded projects, including Avalanche control, environmental research, and roads projects.

    A number of constrictive politicians, including former 5th congressman Virgil Goode and Republican hopeful Sarah Palin blasted the project as another example of big Government out of control spending, but did agree to appear at the ribbon cutting ceremony in 2012.

  4. Chip, Thanks for updating us on the Mount Chipotle political scene. Sometimes we get so caught up in our research that we forget about the happenings in Richmond and Washington.