Saturday, February 13, 2010

Official N.R.O. Response to Recent Criticisms

The N.R.O. generally does not comment on public criticisms of its work. We feel that the quality of our science (1) speaks for itself. However, due to a delayed flight, we have decided to respond to two recent criticisms.

Below is a criticism by Chicago Boy. (Editors Note: We would like to thank The Hook (2) for the shout-out).

We thank Chicago Boy for his interest in our work. Unfortunately we are unable to verify his claim that we are stupid. As PhD students at a prestigious university we have been too busy publishing papers to consider that we may be stupid. This is a valid hypothesis that deserves further investigation.

We are flattered that Chicago Boy compares us to the Onion. Unfortunately I (the senior author) don't read the Onion. Thus Chicago Boy is mistaken if he is suggesting that we are imitating their material. A number of our collaborators are at UW-Madison. We will ask these collaborators for reprints of the Onion's papers in order to review them in ongoing efforts to improve our own work. We agree with Chicago Boy that we are "junior league." Unlike the Onion, a multi-state for-profit news organization (3), we are a non-profit research organization with no full time educational outreach staff. It is not clear what Chicago Boy's motives are. It is clear that his criticisms are misguided; he tries to compare institutions with contrasting missions.

The below comment is by Jim (4)(Editors Note: Thanks again Daily Progress).

We are unsure why children climbing on Mount Chipotle has a negative connotation. The literature has shown that most American children (5) are not athletic enough to scale Mount Chipotle. Coincidentally the literature has shown that most American adults (6) are not athletic enough to scale Mount Chipotle. Those children who are physically capable of scaling the mountain should be rewarded by being allowed to take in the majestic view from the summit.

(Editors Note: We applaud the athletic prowess of the mountaineers from William Monroe High School. Do you like science? Can you take some samples for us next time you're up there?)


  1. Word up:

  2. I hope that you have/will also read my response on the Hook blog to the sad and bitter Chicago Boy's post referenced above. Maybe he is just jealous b/c Chicago has no mountains like Mt. Chipotle, only a big lake.

    Also, I am not sure if you knew this, but I wanted to bring to your attention that there appears to be a charming little inn nestled at the SE base of Mt Chipotle now! My son and I were daydreaming about a hotel on the mountain acouple of days ago, and then lo and behold, saw the inn! We did not have time to stop and inquire about rooms. It is a very modern and hip boutique-sized building, in the current eco-friendly shipping container style. Check it out.

  3. Diantha, thanks for bringing this to our attention. The Mount Chipotle Region Chamber of Commerce is preparing a new guide for tourists. We'll make sure the inn gets in it.

  4. this site is very informative and pretty amazing, I don't know what chicago boy is talking about