Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Transparency on the N.R.O.'s sources of funding

Recently the N.R.O. received a request for transparency on its sources of funding. It has been reported that the N.R.O. exists because of an informal betting pool (1). While this represents our institution's endowment, most of the operating and research budgets are funded by grants from the National Science Foundation, the Office of Naval Research (3), and the Department of Energy (3).

We are using legal metaphysics (4) to judge when Mt. Chipotle has melted for our development office's funraising efforts. In his opinion for Jacobellis v. Ohio the late Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart wrote "...I know it when I see it..." This is the doctrine that we operate by. Both the Constitution (5,6) and the Supreme Court (7,8, 9) are infallible institutions. If the approach of Jacobellis v. Ohio is good enough for them, then it is good enough for Mt. Chipotle.


  1. Why have you not enlisted the Pope's dicta to support your philosophical undercarriage? He has been officially infallible for hundreds of years, longer even than either the Constitution or the Supreme Court.

    Unless you find another tablet on the Mount.

    George Gadfly

  2. Hello,
    Can you write about the dangers Mt Chipotle poses to stray grocery carts, as at least one has been spotted being engulfed by the Mountain?

  3. I went to Mount Chipolte last weekend and laid a wreath at the monument for the fallen shopping carts near Casteen Valley. It was quite surreal. Later, after wiping the tears out of our eyes (we were quite moved), I began my trek to the summit. As I started up, I was met by government agents who advised me not to go any further, and to leave the area. Not wanting any trouble, I left. I could have sworn I saw wreckage of what looked like a UFO on the north face!

  4. Papal pronouncements are only considered infallible when he officially speaks "ex chipotus," i.e. "From Mt.Chipotle."