Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Transparency on the N.R.O.'s sources of funding

Recently the N.R.O. received a request for transparency on its sources of funding. It has been reported that the N.R.O. exists because of an informal betting pool (1). While this represents our institution's endowment, most of the operating and research budgets are funded by grants from the National Science Foundation, the Office of Naval Research (3), and the Department of Energy (3).

We are using legal metaphysics (4) to judge when Mt. Chipotle has melted for our development office's funraising efforts. In his opinion for Jacobellis v. Ohio the late Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart wrote "...I know it when I see it..." This is the doctrine that we operate by. Both the Constitution (5,6) and the Supreme Court (7,8, 9) are infallible institutions. If the approach of Jacobellis v. Ohio is good enough for them, then it is good enough for Mt. Chipotle.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mount Chipotle 16 February 2010

The view of the backside (1) of Mt. Chipotle on 16 February 2010 as seen by the N.R.O. (2) staff.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Sampling on Mount Chipotle

The N.R.O. administration is pleased to release a brief video from a recent trip on Mount Chipotle. N.R.O. staff make trips up the mountain daily in order to insure a continuous stream of high quality (1) scientific data. We hope to release more videos and photographs of our work on the mountain in order to foster a better understanding of environmental science in our community.


Mount Chipotle Avalanche Danger 15 February 2010

Carnitas Ravine has LOW. Natural avalanches are very unlikely and human triggered avalanches are unlikely except in isolated pockets. Normal caution is advised.

Barbacoa Ravine has LOW avalanche danger. Natural avalanches are unlikely although human triggered avalanches are possible. Unstable slabs are possible in steep terrain. Normal caution is advised.

As the Ravines warm up during spring there is an increased danger of random (1) ice falls. Ice fall danger is currently low and normal caution (2) is advised. However, guides should take this into consideration when planning routes for their spring clients.

Call for Papers: Mt. Chipotle Research Letters, a new interdisciplinary peer reviewed journal


Mount Chipotle Research Letters (MCRL) invites you to submit manuscripts for publication. MCRL is a new interdisciplinary journal from the Mount Chipotle National Research Observatory and Springer (1) Publishing. MCRL focuses on rapid (2) publication of high quality research on all aspects of the Mount Chipotle region.

Editorial Board:

Editor in Chief: Dr. K. Ho, Senior Scientist, Mt. Chipotle National Research Observatory

Associate Editor: Dr. Zorders, Senior Scientist, Mt. Chipotle National Research Observatory

Associate Editor: Dr. John Frum, President, Pacific Cargo Industries Inc.

How to submit:

Manuscripts should be original, previously unpublished, in English, and between 1 paragraph and three pages in length. Submission implies that the manuscript has not been submitted for publication elsewhere and that it will not be submitted elsewhere while the review process is underway. All submissions will be reviewed according to the Journal's standard single-blind peer review process. Papers should be submitted electronically to one of the editors at mountchipotle (at) gmail (dot) com